South And Central Asia Regional Forum + South Asia Tour

The EducationUSA Regional Forum and South Asia Tour for Spring 2018 are now accepting registrations from accredited U.S. higher education institutions.

This year’s Spring tour will be connected to and aligned with the EducationUSA South and Central Asia Regional Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Forum will be taking place from January 31st to February 3rd, 2018. The Tour will begin in Nepal with the Forum, continue on to Pakistan, and end in Sri Lanka on February 17th. Interested higher education representatives will be able to register for the Tour through the Forum registration site.

Tuesday, Feb. 13 - Arrive in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Wednesday, Feb. 14 - school visits
Thursday, Feb. 15 - university visits & public fair
Friday, Feb. 16 - optional cultural activity
South Asia Tour and Forum Registration Options: 
• Register for the Forum, Jan. 31-Feb. 3: Forum fee includes a student fair in Kathmandu on Saturday, February 3rd. See full list of fee inclusions on the website.
• Register for the optional tour in Pokhara, Nepal from Monday, January 29-30, before Forum. 
Additional fee of $300 to register for this event.
• Register to continue on the tour to Pakistan and Sri Lanka from February 4th-17th
Additional fee of $500.
• Register for the South Asia Tour only, without Forum participation (Feb. 3-17, 2018). This can be indicated on the registration. Nepal stop will be a student fair on Saturday, February 3rd. Tour only fee is $1000. The fee remains the same whether you visit one city with us, or participate in all the stops planned. The fee is waived if you are visiting Pakistan only.


Click here for the EducationUSA South and Central Asia Regional Forum Website 

Representatives of accredited U.S. colleges and universities are invited to join the Forum and the South Asia Tour. Our goal is to bring together accredited U.S. universities committed to internationalization, and facilitate your engagement with qualified, motivated, and well-prepared students in our local communities. Our advisers have a great deal of experience guiding and counseling potential students and maintain contact and communicate with these students regularly. Located at Fulbright Commissions, they also continue to expand their networks and long-standing relationships with local schools, colleges, faculty, and leadership in their cities. They will maximize all of these relationships to make sure your participation in the Tour is a successful one.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018 5:00 pm
Saturday, February 17, 2018 2:15 pm


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