Convocatoria Abierta 2016

This program provides Ecuadorian citizens with the opportunity to compete for funding for their master's (upt o $103,000) and doctoral level studies (up to $218,000) or for residencies and fellowships in medical and dentistry subfields (up to $51,000 per year). Applicants must comply with the competition requirements, including taking aptitude and language tests, being within the age limits defined for the program (under 35 years for master's and under 45 years for doctorates; there's no age limit for dentistry/medical specialty programs), and being in good standing with all their civil responsibilities. Selection is made by a committee within SENESCYT. The awardees will have 12 months from the date the results are made public to obtain an admission letter from one of the universities on the list approved by SENESCYT to complete the scholarship allocation process. If the awardees fail to provide evidence of admission to a university on the approved list within the 12 months the scholarship assignation will be revoked. This scholarship program may benefit both students who have not begun their studies prior to their application to the program and students whose academic programs are already in progress. The number of HEIs from the US included on the list for this program varies per field of study. The complete list of institutions approved for this program can be found here:

Scholarship Deadline

September 4, 2016

Recurs Annually

Degree levels

Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate

Duration of Award

Four years

Maximum amount of award

Master's degrees (up to 2 years/$103,000), Doctorates (up to 4 years/$218,000), Dentistry/Medical Residencies or Fellowships (Up to 5 years/$51,000 per year)

Restricted to these majors

Education, Arts, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Information Technologies, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Forestry, Health and Well-being (and all related sub-fields). Non-eligible areas: Business, Social Sciences, Design, Psychology

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