Menntasjóður íslenskra námsmanna

Menntasjóður íslenskra námsmanna, or the Icelandic student loan fund is supported by the Icelandic Government. Students are able to apply for maintenance support loans, tuition fee loans, child support grant, loan for travel expenses. The amount of a maintenance support loan is calculated according to maintenance support requirements. In addition, there may be maintenance based on the situation of the student during the study period, for example, the type of housing, marital status, number of children and income. EUR 40,000 for study abroad (EUR 6,058,000 ISK. based on the exchange rate on 1 June 2020). (In case of a BA/BS course, vocational studies or preparatory studies, only 1/3 of the maximum amount is allocated each year). In case of a continuous course of study longer than 5 years (e.g. in medicine), a supplement may be granted in the 5. or 6. year, equivalent to € 12.000 (ISK 1.817.400).



Scholarship Deadline

Before every semester - check website

Recurs Annually

Degree levels

Undergraduate - Associate's
Undergraduate - Bachelor's
Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate
Graduate - Post Doctorate

Duration of Award

One year

Maximum amount of award

Tuition, living cost, housing, travel expenses

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