Universidades de Excelencia 2016

This program funds ecuadorian citizens to pursue their education at the graduate level in universities of the US that have been selected to make part of the top world universities list put together by SENESCYT. Applicants must have an official, final admission letter from one of the HEIs on the list in order to apply for the funding. SENESCYT will evaluate the applicant's financial situation and will fund tuition, fees, living expenses, and medical insurance if applicant's need is verified. Funding coverage is as follows per degree level: Master's (up to 2 years/$250,000), Doctorate (up to 4 years/$250,000), Medical or Dental Specializations (1 to 5 years/$100,000 per year). Current US HEIs on the list are (by specific fields of study): Art - Harvard University, Social Sciences & Humanities - Harvard University andThe New School, Information Technologies & Communications - MIT and Carnegie Mellon University, Engineering - MIT.

Scholarship Deadline

September 15, 2016

Recurs Annually

Degree levels

Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate

Duration of Award

Four years

Maximum amount of award

Master's degrees (up to 2 years) and Doctoral degrees (up to 4 years) receive up to $250,000. Medical/Dental specialty programs up to $100,000 for up to 5 years

Restricted to these majors

Education, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Information Technologies, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Forestry, Health and Well-being (and all related sub-fields). Non-eligible areas: Business, Design

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