University of North Alabama, International Student Scholarship Opportunity

University of North Alabama
To help international students whose plans to study in the US are disrupted by COVID-19, the University of North Alabama (UNA) is pleased to offer increased scholarships and assistance in fulfilling their US study dream. • Don’t let COVID-19 delay your study. UNA’s “Online Now, On- Campus Later” initiative grants first-time international students the first online class free and a 20% discount on subsequent online classes. • Upon enrollment in on-campus classes, international students are eligible for additional academic and housing scholarships.  Free on-campus housing (renewable)  Up to $10,000 academic scholarship per academic year (renewable) UNA has over 190 years of history in offering students an educational experience that is competitively priced, culturally enriched, and academically rigorous. We welcome international students from around the world to choose UNA online and on-campus study and launch their academic and career success.

Degree levels

Undergraduate - Bachelor's
Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate