adviser caluclating financial aid data

Step 2: Finance Your Studies

English Language

Start your financial planning for English language studies as early as possible to assess what you can afford. As you work to develop a budget for your studies, keep in mind that your overall costs include tuition, fees, and living expenses. Many programs require an application fee, which is often nonrefundable, and a tuition deposit. Be sure to find out the total cost of a program before you apply.

Assess Personal Funds

Start out by evaluating how much funding you or your family can provide for your program.  

How can you reduce your educational costs?

  • Research a wide variety of schools, from public to private
  • Think about applying to colleges in areas of the United States that have a lower cost of living, such as in the South or the Midwest or in rural areas of the country

How can EducationUSA Advisers help you plan your expenses?

Advisers can help you research the variety of English language programs available so that you can make cost comparisons. Advisers have access to resources that help inform you about the range of programs that fit your schedule and budget.