Living on Campus in the United States

Many U.S. institutions offer a variety of student housing options and services on the college campus. 

On campus, students usually live in residence halls or dormitories, which are student apartment buildings that are often called "dorms." Among the options are dorms for men- or women-only, freshman-only, and academic-, language-, or theme-focused housing to support diverse student interests. Students usually share rooms, and the environment can be a great place to meet new friends quickly. Campus housing has on-site staff who are usually upperclassmen who know the campus well and serve as an information resource for all dorm residents. 
Students dine in cafeterias located on campus where they can find a number of food options to meet cultural and dietary needs. Student health centers provider basic medical services to the student population.
Opportunities for recreation and club involvement help enrich the campus life experience. Academic, cultural, athletic and special interest clubs meet to socialize and explore common interests. The housing, support services, and extracurricular activities on U.S. campuses help students form a community within their campus.

Good to Know

Apply for on-campus housing early as spaces may fill up quickly depending on the university.