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Step 3: Complete Your Application

Intensive English Programs

When considering an Intensive English Program (IEP) in the United States, the best piece of advice we can offer is to plan ahead! 

Confirm the application and admissions process with the IEPs that interest you as each IEP will have specific application procedures and deadlines.
Admission requirements vary, but most IEPs require that students complete secondary school and can prove they have funds to pay the full cost of the program. As part of the application, you may be asked for additional information, such as educational transcripts or documentation of a certain level of English proficiency. You may also be required to agree to devote the majority of your time to language studies while in the program.
What is conditional admission?
Some institutions in the United States offer conditional admission to their academic programs. Applicants whose academic or professional qualifications are very good, but whose English language skills need improvement, may be offered conditional admission. This does not automatically mean they have been accepted into the academic programs offered by the college or university.
Students who receive offers of “conditional admission” to a college or university may be required to complete additional English language training or submit English language proficiency and/or academic test scores, as well as any other requirements indicated in the offer of conditional admission. Some international students may also be required to take English language placement tests after they arrive on campus. Based on the results of those tests, students then enroll in their regular programs of study and/or they may need to enroll in additional English language courses.