international student completing his college application at cafe

Step 3: Complete Your Application

Community College

Applying to U.S. colleges and universities requires preparation and planning. Plan adequately for the time and effort involved in preparing your application package.

In the United States, application requirements can vary greatly from one institution to another. It is important to check the specific requirements on the website of each institution’s international admissions office.

What are some general application requirements for community colleges? 

  • Online application form (including personal information, education history, etc.)
  • Educational credentials. These are typically your secondary/high school diploma and transcripts, translated into English. Final national exams scores from your country are optional at community colleges.
  • Standardized test scores. TOEFL, ACT/SAT, and other test scores may be accepted to assess your academic ability and English proficiency level. However, these tests are not usually required for admission to community colleges. Upon arrival, you will most likely take placement tests in the English language as well as in your area of study.
  • Other forms, depending on the institution, such as financial information, proof of health insurance, vaccination records, passport and visa information are often required.

Since community colleges usually have rolling admissions or periodic application deadlines throughout the year, the timeline for applying is more fluid than for a four-year college or university. You should consider your target date for beginning your studies and verify the deadlines on the institution’s website well in advance. It can take a considerable amount of time to fill out application forms, to  request and translate educational transcripts, to order copies of test scores, and to register for classes so plan ahead.