Policies for Services that Promote U.S. Higher Education

EducationUSA is committed to working with the full array of institutions, organizations, and individuals that advance opportunities for qualified international students to study in the United States. This includes agents identified by accredited U.S. higher education institutions as their representatives overseas. EducationUSA content and other relevant resources, including the annual Global Guide publication, Student Mobility Facts & Figures information sheets, and the EducationUSA website, are available to the public, including to agents.

Working with Commission-Based Agents

EducationUSA advisers may engage with recruitment agents and incorporate them into relevant advising center activities, including public events, information sessions, and consultations, as capacity allows. EducationUSA advising centers adhere to strict ethical practices in promoting all accredited U.S. colleges and universities and advancing students’ interests in identifying the institutions at which they are best positioned for success. It is incumbent upon each organization or individual seeking access to EducationUSA programming to verify their relationship to one or more accredited U.S. higher education institutions and adherence to ethical standards.

EducationUSA Fairs, Forums, Events

EducationUSA advisers prioritize accredited U.S. higher education institutions and prospective international students in access to our programming and activities. For EducationUSA-organized events, including recruitment fairs and regional forums, accredited U.S. colleges and universities will be given priority registration, after which agents and other third-party representatives may be registered up to the maximum number of participants for each event.

EducationUSA’s Required Free Services

For students, EducationUSA Centers provide the following services to students free of charge:

  • Regular introductory group sessions that introduce the U.S. higher education system and the application process for undergraduate and graduate admission
  • Access to the EducationUSA website
  • Introduction to the advising library and access to basic reference materials
  • Pre-Departure Orientations (although a fee for venue rental and/or refreshments can apply)

For accredited U.S. colleges and universities, all EducationUSA Centers offer the following services free of charge:

  • Information about international student mobility
  • Information about local education systems
  • Contact information and listings of local high schools and accredited or government-recognized universities 

 EducationUSA Adviser Principles of Good Practice
All EducationUSA Advisers abide by the EducationUSA Adviser Principles of Good Practice.