The EducationUSA network runs social media on a number of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, VKontakte, and Weibo.

Administration of these platforms takes place in Washington, D.C. and at EducationUSA centers around the world. 

U.S. higher education professionals are encouraged to engage with EducationUSA on social media. We also ask institutions to submit financial aid and campus news in the logged in section which will be posted on the EducationUSA website and throughout our global social media network. In addition, if you're interested in localizing your institution's social media recruitment, reach out to our Regional Educational Advising Coordinators (REACS) and advisers to learn more about how social media is used in their regions.

>> Engaging with EducationUSA on Social Media (PDF)

EducationUSA manages two flagship Facebook pages, one for international students and the second for U.S. higher education professionals. Over 150 additional Facebook pages and groups are managed in-country by EducationUSA advising centers around the globe. See the list.


EducationUSA maintains a flagship Instagram account: @EducationUSA.  In addition, there are over 100 Instagram accounts that carry EducationUSA content. See the list.

EducationUSA maintains a Twitter feed: @EducationUSA. Over 100 EducationUSA Twitter accounts disseminate EducationUSA content to international students. See the list.

EducationUSA maintains both an organization and group page on LinkedIn that are targeted at the U.S. higher education professional community.


EducationUSA TV, the network's flagship YouTube channel, has playlists for U.S. college and university recruiting videos. To add your institutional video and reach more international students, simply login to our website. Once logged in, click on “My Resources” and “Submit a Video” for detailed instructions. Content approvals take 3-5 business days on average. EducationUSA also posts videos for international student and U.S. higher education professionals on a Vimeo page (log-in required)."  See the list.

Social Media Terms and Conditions

Read the the EducationUSA Social Media Terms and Conditions.