Fairs and Events

EducationUSA coordinates and participates in a variety of fairs, conferences, and events throughout the year.

Check our events page for details on how to participate or register for EducationUSA events for U.S. higher education professionals including the EducationUSA Forum, regional forums, international student fairs, and conferences. Information is also posted in the monthly HEI eNews (automatically emailed to U.S. higher education users with a login to this website) and our Facebook page.  Learn how you can host advisers on your campus in conjunction with trainings and conferences. 

EducationUSA Forum

The EducationUSA Forum, held annually in Washington, D.C., gives higher education professionals an opportunity to engage with EducationUSA advisers from around the world. Take advantage of the Forum to network with approximately 50 advisers, all 15 Regional Educational Advising Coordinators (REACs), and U.S. Department of State and IIE EducationUSA staff as they present the latest regional and country-specific trends and tips for strategic international recruitment planning.  

EducationUSA SeminarS

The 2021 Fall EducationUSA Seminar will take place virtually on Tuesday, November 2.  Hosted by the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the event will focus on topics pertaining to international student integration strategies and more.  The purpose of these seminars is to connect the higher education community and facilitate forward-facing discussions, mentoring sessions, and sharing of best practices on maximizing international student recruitment, enrollment, and support services.  The event is offered free of charge to participating higher education institutions and organizations.  Registration details will be available in October. 

EducationUSA Regional Forums

EducationUSA holds regional forums internationally that bring together advisers from one world region and U.S. higher education institutions to share best practices. U.S. higher education professionals are invited to present specialized training sessions and to network with advisers and REACs during these events.  The EducationUSA Western Hemisphere Regional Forum will take place at the Hotel Barceló in San José, Costa Rica, March 16–18, 2022.  The Europe and Eurasia Regional Forum will be held in 2022. New dates for the event will be announced as soon as possible. 

EducationUSA International Student Fairs

EducationUSA runs international student fairs both in-person and online throughout the year. Over 40 fairs with potential for U.S. higher education participation take place each year. Many of these are part of larger multi-city fair circuits that decrease travel costs and maximize recruitment potential. 

International Conferences

EducationUSA representatives attend a variety of international higher education association conferences, such as APAIE, EAIE, CAIE, IC3, and CIS, to promote U.S. higher education. 

U.S. Conferences

Anticipated 2021 EducationUSA Conference Participation:



Feb. 15–7, 2021



Feb. 17–19, 2021



Mar. 29–Apr. 1, 2021



Apr. 28–May 1, 2021


NAFSA National

Jun. 1–4, 2021 



Jul. 12–16, 2021


EducationUSA Forum

July 26–31, 2021



Sept. 23–25, 2021


NAFSA All-Region Summit

Oct. 4–22, 2021


AIRC Annual Conference

Dec. 8–11, 2021


In addition, we are pleased to attend regional NAFSA conferences when possible. EducationUSA welcomes invitations and recommendations for participation in future conferences with organizations focused on higher education.