EducationUSA Campus Hosting Opportunities

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EducationUSA is a global network of hundreds of advising centers located in over 170 countries supported by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. EducationUSA centers actively promote U.S. higher education around the world by offering accurate, comprehensive, and current information to prospective international students about accredited educational institutions in the United States. Millions of students learn about U.S. study opportunities through EducationUSA centers each year. 

The success of the EducationUSA network depends on advisers' access to current information and skills-based training. Campus visits help provide advisers with first-hand knowledge of U.S. colleges and universities and can help them speak to their students about life on a campus in a concrete way using real examples.  Visits also help U.S. institutions raise their profile internationally and can help them highlight specific programs and services for international students. 

An ideal proposal would include meetings with international students, a mock admissions panel to review international student applications and a visit(s) to a nearby school(s), if possible an institution of a different type e.g. community college, minority serving, liberal arts etc.

Pre/Post Conference Campus Visits

In 2019, there will be opportunities to host EducationUSA Advisers for approximately 2-4 days either before or after the following events.  Groups of advisers will usually be between 4-8 people.  Some campuses may request to host more than eight or less than four.

Pre/Post Conference Campus Visit Application

Applications will be rated according to details and responsiveness to the criteria listed in the application below. 

 Basic Information

a.     Name of conference(s)/event(s)

b.     Name, title, and contact information (e-mail, phone, address) for the Campus Coordinators, who will serve as EducationUSA’ s main contact at each institution.

c.     If more than one campus is to be visited, please include name, title, and contact information for each institution.

d.     Brief (250 word) description of each participating institution including: number of students, degrees offered, academic focus areas, available scholarship opportunities, and a summary of any collaboration with EducationUSA to-date.

e.     Details about logistics – accommodations, meals, ground transportation, etc. (Advisers of the same gender may share a room).

f.      Confirmation that host institutions will cover adviser costs for lodging, meals and local transportation to include travel from campus to conference site, if visit takes place before conference or from conference to campus, if visit takes place after conference.

g.     Plan to highlight the visit(s) using social media.

h.     Daily schedule – see sample below

If more than one institution is included, a diversity of academic focus areas, missions, and student backgrounds among the institutions is desirable and the institutions should be within two hours driving distance of each other.  It is preferable for classes to be in session during the program in order to expose advisers to campus life.  Themed campus visit applications are also welcome with a focus on topics such as law, healthcare, STEM, athletics, technology (video games, cyber security, robotics), etc.

Note: Applications should be submitted to – see deadlines listed above.  Applicants should be accredited U.S. post-secondary educational institutions (non-profit or for-profit), U.S. higher education associations, university systems, consortia, or qualified entities that meet provisions in IRS section 26 USC 501 (c) (3)

Sample Schedule

The following are suggestions to select from based on proposed number of days and available time.

Arrival Day - Pick up advisers at airport; Welcome meal depending on arrival times

Day 1:  

  • Group orientation/review schedule
  • Campus tour
  • Campus safety
  • Visit/Discussion with International Student Services Office
  • Meet with students from home country
  • Welcome reception/dinner

Day 2:

  • Session on admissions and scholarships (discretionary, sports, etc.)
  • Registrar briefing on grading, assessment, and transcript issues
  • Examples of how the admissions process (e.g. on handling foreign transcripts, fraud, etc.) differs at different institutions
  • Graduate College briefing and research update

o   Policies on handling graduate e-mails and inquiries

o   Sessions on graduate and undergraduate case studies

o   How foreign transcripts and degree certificates are evaluated

o   How to ensure a fair assessment

o   How students should present their documents

  • Cultural/Outdoor Activity/other points of interest

Day 3:

  • Admissions staff tips on:

·      What students should ask prospective universities

·      How to prepare a successful application

·      How to arrange a campus visit

·      How to review webpages when deciding where to apply

  • Discussion on paid and unpaid internships.
  • Teaching Assistantships – How to qualify
  • Distance Learning presentation - How it works, what makes it effective
  • Session on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)/English Language programs, conditional admittance
  • Closing Lunch/Dinner