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Step 3: Complete Your Application


Application packages require extensive prepation and planning. In the United States, application requirements can vary greatly from one institution to another.

Please check the specific requirements for international graduate admissions on the website of each institution. For graduate study, you are likely to have institutional and departmental application requirements.  Visit EducationUSA's Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study to review the graduate study application timeline and stay on track.

General application requirements

  • Personal data form: Be sure to keep you personal information consistent and always spell your name the same way on all documents.
  • The personal statement gives you the opportunity to show the admissions committee who you are as an individual. Your statement should be clear, concise,and persuasive. Highlight your unique strengths, skills, or teaching experiences to show the institution that you are a good match with their program and department.
  • Your transcript is a list of classes you completed in your undergraduate studies and the grades you received in each class.
  • Ask past professors, administrators, or employers to write your letters of recommendation. Your recommenders should write in depth about your work and assess your potential to do well as a graduate student.

Tips to prepare a successful graduate school application

  • Do your best to relax as you prepare your applications. As you complete each application, you will engage in personal reflection and self-discovery. Be calm, reflective, and thoughtful.
  • Allow plenty of time to conduct research and complete your applications.
  • Pay close attention to all application instructions, including deadlines.
  • The look and feel of your application is just as important as what you say. Take the time to present a polished application.
  • Be yourself—human and honest. Remember, no one is perfect. When preparing your application, do not  embellish your experiences or make excuses.
  • Provide all materials requested in the format requested by the institution. Each institution's application may vary.