By logging in to the EducationUSA website, you can submit content such as videos, financial aid opportunities, and campus news stories for hosting on our website or social media platforms.

Click here for instructions to help you navigate the EducationUSA website.


EducationUSA, the network's YouTube channel, has regional playlists for U.S. college and university recruiting videos. To reach more international students, login to our website. Once logged in, click on “My Resources” and “Submit a Video.” You will find information on how to request that EducationUSA add your institutional video.

It is best practice to keep videos to about one minute in length. It is also important to add subtitles or closed captions in your videos for compliance with Section 508 of the Disability Act of 1973. EducationUSA will not post any videos not meeting Section 508 requirements. Adding subtitles also allows for language translation programs to translate the content you provide.

Financial Aid

Does your institution have have special opportunities and financial aid provisions that you would like to promote to international students?  This might include scholarships, in-state tuition benefits, waived application fees and deadlines, and similar provisions.  EducationUSA maintains a searchable listing of special opportunities and financial aid for international students. Request a login and click on “My Content” to submit your opportunity for publication on this website. 

To be approved, a financial aid post should link to a website page that clearly states international student eligibility and dollar amounts rather than to a general international admissions or scholarship page. Other opportunities should provide clear instructions or email contact. Content approvals take 3-5 business days on average.  Randomly selected submissions may be  featured on EducationUSA social media properties.  

U.S. Higher Education/ Campus News

Do you have a great article on an international student studying at your institution or a special international event that you organized? Submit your news link via the logged in portion of our website and we'll host the story in the 'Experience of Studying in the U.S.' section and -- if randomly selected -- share your story with international students on social media. It's a great way to build international student awareness of your campus! 

Please note: Submitted content MUST be speak to the international student experience on your campus, meaning for or about international students. Generic campus news, links to academic program pages, press releases, faculty appointments, etc. will NOT be approved.

To get started, simply login and click on “My Content” to get started. Content approvals take 3-5 business days on average.