Partnering with U.S. Universities

educationusa advisersU.S. institutions of higher education are eager to recruit qualified international students to their campuses and classrooms. International students bring unique perspectives and experiences that add tremendously to the life and culture of U.S. institutions. 

In addition to recruiting qualified international students, U.S. institutions may be interested in establishing partnerships with institutions in other countries. Partnerships can involve a variety of activities, such as joint research or teaching initiatives or engaging in formalized faculty or student exchanges.
Our internationally-based Regional Educational Advising Coordinators (REACs) are international student mobility experts with deep knowledge of the educational systems in their regions. REACs possess a wide array of contacts at U.S. institutions of higher education. Our more than 500 EducationUSA advisers can also provide information about U.S. institutions that visit their country and express interest in international partnerships. EducationUSA program officers based in Washington, D.C. can facilitate conversations with U.S. institutions, as well.
When pursuing partnerships with U.S. institutions, it is important to understand the unique circumstances of each. Some colleges and universities may be interested in recruiting more international students and may have funding to contribute while others may not. Some may be more interested in establishing faculty exchanges or joint-degree programs.
Each institution is different and will have its own set of goals and resources available. Be sure to explain what your interests and ideas are at the beginning to ensure that you develop a mutually beneficial relationship. EducationUSA emphasizes to students the importance of finding their "best fit" institution – the same applies for university partnerships.