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The American Corner in Turkmenabat works to promote mutual understanding between the United States and Turkmenistan by making available information about the history, economic, cultural, educational, and social life in the United States.


The American Corner is freely accessible to students, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, government officials, and ordinary citizens who wish to learn more, study or establish contact with counterparts in the United States.

The staff of the American Corners put a priority on reaching diverse populations and educating a wide variety of potential applicants interested in academic programs in the U.S. American Corner in Turkmenabat has a free public-access Internet center, library, advising center, and classroom/lecture hall. The libraries are fully stocked with English language teaching materials and books (fiction and non-fiction); current magazines/periodicals; academic catalogues; encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference materials; and educational videos/DVDs.

The American Corner in Turkmenabat hosts a variety of daily events, including activities ranging from conversational English and American culture to academic writing and reading. The American Corners also organize workshops on educational opportunities in the U.S., movie nights featuring American films, and presentations by visiting guest speakers from the USA.

EducationUSA advising center in Turkmenabat American Corner equipped with resources such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, College Admission and Application Essay books, Internet connect personal computers and laptops to assist the visitors and students to prepare to apply to U.S Higher Education Intuitions.

EducationUSA Adviser develops and offers additional, unique training projects , workshops, presentations , and other local initiatives for Turkmenabat American Corner visitors that develop life or academic skills necessary for success in a U.S higher education environment or to enhance their application. Provides information on and preparation for common U.S standardized tests required for admission to U.S colleges universities.


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Financial Aid

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On a quarterly basis

Special Programs

Undergraduate Cohort Advising
Description: Undergraduate Cohort Advising Group is intensive college preparatory program aims to provide for prospective turkmen high school students with the most useful skills for preparing successful application to U.S. Higher Educational Institutions. The Cohort meets for 10 month and participates in activities , workshops, book disscussions, cross cultural exercises, academic reading and writing sessions, TOEFL and SAT test preparations, and community service activities. Participants get curriculum that ensures that they are properly advised as they go through the process of preparing themselves both academically and socially for a U.S higher education institutions, and work to detemine which college and university would be a goog fit for them.
Deadline: It will be set up by EducationUSA advisers after each 10 month.
Eligibility Requirements:  Participation is open and free to the best and the brightest students in grades 9-11; 11th grades must join by July before start of the school year;  Strong English Language skills (English and Math skills will be tested);  Strong Interest in applying to US schools;  Good academic standing;  Goal oriented and highly motivated;  Able to commit for the duration of the program;
Opportunity Grant
Description: Completing Undergraduate Cohort Advising (UCA) program at Mary EducationUSA center grants successful and outstanding students with Opportunity Grant eligibility. Students who have worked closely with the EducationUSA Adviser, applying to accredited U.S. institutions and having solid, complete plans for a 4-year undergraduate degree program, with demonstrated financial needs, can become strong applicants for an Opportunity Grant. Opportunity Grant is offered within two different phases: • Phase I – Covers standardized test, college application fees, Translation of documents etc. • Phase II – Covers Visa and SEVIS fee, plane ticket to the U.S., one-time settling-in allowance

Program Highlights

Public Presentations :General Information on U.S Study
Description: Regularly EducationUSA Adviser leads sessions on General Studies on U.S studies that covers initial 3 steps which is Research Your Options, Finance Your Studies and Complete Your Application. This events aim to familiarize participants with U.S Higher Education System, type of institutions, unique opportunities for international students, financial aid opportunities, costs and budget plans , application timeline, application components and deadlines, TOEFL and SAT preparations, Common Application requirements, scholarship essays and guidance on statement of purpose and etc.
American College Preparation: Improving Public Speaking Skills
Description: Frequently, EducationUSA adviser organizes Public Speaking event for Cohort students to improve public speaking skills that American college and univeristies demand. The project aimed to help to participants to overcome glossphobia, the most common fear that they face. EducationUSA adviser closely work with cohorts to choose their topic, develop and deliver it in front of public.
Virtual Conversations With U.S. Universities
Description: Contact our centers to find out how you can participate in one of our virtual conversations with U.S. universities.

Walk-in Address

Turkmenabat American Corner
33 Garashsyz Diyar street, Shatlyk building, 3rd floor
746100 Turkmenabat

Mailing Address

Street Garashsyz Diyar 33
746100 Turkmenabat

Virtual Hours

Sunday: Closed
Monday: 9:00-18:00
Tuesday: 9:00-18:00
Wednesday: 9:30-18:00
Thursday: 9:30-18:00
Friday: 9:30-18:00
Saturday: Closed


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