Opportunity Funds 2022 Cohort Application - Open now!

The Opportunity Funds program supports outstanding students with wishes to study a complete academic program in U.S. universities, at the undergraduate or graduate level, by covering costs incurred during the application process. The Opportunity Funds program looks for applicants with outstanding academic profiles, an advanced level of English, strong evidence of leadership and extracurricular activities, and economic obstacles (i.e. that the applicant has a low socioeconomic background). The Opportunity Funds scholarship covers the application process, with the hopes that the applicant will receive a full financial offer directly from a U.S. university or college.

The Opportunity Funds scholarship is divided into two phases. Opportunity Funds scholarship recipients in the Phase I will receive funding for preparation for the standardized exams (SAT/ACT, GRE, TOEFL), the fees incurred when taking said standardized exams, standardized exam score reports, translations and certifications, and in some cases transportation to and from the CCCN. If the Opportunity Funds scholarship recipient receives a full economic offer directly from an accredited U.S. university or college, the student will now be eligible for Phase II benefits, which include payment for a passport, SEVIS, visa, airplane ticket, and a one-time settling in fee. If the student does not receive a full economic offer from an accredited U.S. university or college, they will not receive any Phase II economic benefits.

The chosen students will work over the course of a year to prepare themselves to prepare to accredited U.S. universities and colleges with the help and support of the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano and EducationUSA.


- Be currently enrolled in your last year of high school or university, or already graduated and currently taking a sabadical year or working. If you already graduated and have begun your studies in a C.R. university or college, you are not eligible for this program.
- Advanced level of English (This program does not allow students to improve their English over the course of the program, they must already have an advanced level of English).
- Outstanding grades
- Evidence of extracurricular activities (sports, community service, volunteering, etc).

- Low economic resources

Apply before Friday, September 17th, at 5 pm!


Date and Time

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 8:00 am
Friday, September 17, 2021 5:00 pm CST


International Students


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