The U.S. Department of State funds the Open Doors report, an annual survey of foreign students and scholars in the United States and of U.S. students studying abroad on credit-bearing courses.

Open Doors data are used by U.S. embassies, the Departments of State, Commerce, and Education, and other federal, state, and local organizations to inform policy decisions about educational exchanges, trade in educational services, and study abroad activity. U.S. colleges and universities, foreign governments, and the media rely on these comparative statistics to analyze trends in student mobility.

The report also provides data on places of origin, sources of financial support, fields of study, host institutions, academic level, and rates of growth of the international student population in the United States, as well as on the economic impact of international students on host states and the national economy. Also included in the publication are sections on international scholars in the United States and Intensive English Programs.

The Department also funds Project Atlas, which tracks migration trends of the millions of students who pursue education outside of their home countries each year. Data are collected on global student mobility patterns, as well as identifying the leading countries involved in international higher education mobility.