Brunei Ministry of Education

The Brunei Ministry of Education offers Comprehensive Funding for Areas of study Relevant to the following government departments: • Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources - Agriculture, Business and Marketing, Biology, Product Management, Marina Ecology and others. • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Politics and International Relations, Public Administration, International Law and others • Ministry of Health - Allied Health Occupations, Public Health, Dentistry, Physiology, Food Science, Physiology, Pharmacy, Genetics and others • Public Works Department - Engineering, Architecture, Quantity Surveying and others • Ministry of Energy – Petroleum, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering and other courses related to oil and gas. • Ministry of Religious Affairs: Islamic Law, Islamic Studies/Education and Syariah Law • Other courses: Law, Finance, Creative Arts & Design , Mathematics, Statistics, Education, Pure Sciences, Computer, Energy



Scholarship Deadline


Recurs Annually

Degree levels

Undergraduate - Bachelor's
Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate

Duration of Award

Four years

Maximum amount of award

Full Tuition, books and lodging