The Danish-American Fulbright Commission Grants for Studies and Research in the USA and Denmark

The Danish-American Fulbright Commission
Grants from the Danish-American Fulbright Commission are offered for persons with Danish citizenship (must be residing in Denmark) who wish to attend graduate-studies in the USA. To be eligible for receiving one of the grants, it is a requirement that the student has to pay tuition fee at the American university or college. The study period must be either one semester or one academic year. It is possible to apply for the grants even before the final agreement has been made with the American host institution, however, a letter of admission should be submitted as soon as the student receives it. It is not a requirement that the credits obtained in the USA can serve as credit transfer for a Danish study. Grants for Danish scholars for research and teaching are also available for a period of one semester. Additionally, a wide range of Fulbright grants are offered for studies, research, and/or teaching in Denmark for American postgraduate students and scholars. Applicants must be American citizens in order to apply. The grant programs range can from two weeks (Fulbright Specialist Program) up to one academic year. The affiliation with a Danish university or university-level institution is considered very important for the successful application. Master’s and Ph.D. students must obtain a letter from the Danish institutions clearly stating their status and projects. Graduating seniors must supply a letter from a Danish university or university-level institution at the graduate level.



Scholarship Deadline

First Wednesday of March

Recurs Annually

Degree levels

Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate

Duration of Award

One Semester

Maximum amount of award

One semester: $7,900 - One year: $14,400