Georgian Government Scholarship Fund, Administered by International Education Center (IEC)

International Education Center (IEC), established in 2014, with the mission to contribute to strengthening democratic, social and economic development of the country through providing state scholarships and grants to the young professionals, enabling them to receive full-fledged academic degrees and short term professional development opportunities internationally. Paving way for highly qualified human resources and ensuring access to high-quality education abroad are of strategic importance for Georgia’s economic and social development. In line with national development priorities the International Education Center (hereinafter, the IEC), aims to support young professionals in their endeavors to gain relevant skills and knowledge and international professional standards. With this in view the IEC offers Masters and Ph.d scholarships to citizens of Georgia for pursuing their studies in the world renowned higher education institutions. Moreover, the IEC finances professional retraining and qualification enhancement courses for public servants. Upon completion of their studies fellows have a legal commitment to return to Georgia and to deploy their knowledge and experience in service of their country and society for at least 3 years. Several cohorts of alumni have already arrived back and engaged in wide spectrum of state and societal activities. At this stage the IEC administers the following scholarship programs: International Masters and Ph.D Scholarship Program – in prioritized fields the program provides merit-based full and partial scholarships for studying in Ph.D- and Master Level programs of the recognized foreign higher education institutions. Since its establishment in 2014 the IEC granted 270 scholarships to citizens of Georgia, who aspired to obtain Master’s and Ph.D degrees in leading universities of the world.



Scholarship Deadline

Around end of May, every year, since 2014

Recurs Annually

Degree levels

Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate

Duration of Award

Two years

Maximum amount of award

An average award is about $20,000 per year of study

Restricted to these majors

The program is open to all majors, with slight restriction on the number of awards for MBA and LLM (in Business Law).

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