International Education Center's Study Abroad Programs

The International Education Center's Study Abroad Programs with US Study Eligibility International Masters Scholarship Programs - the aim of the program is to facilitate access of the citizens of Georgia, holders of neutral ID cards or neutral travel documents to masters’ programs offered by higher education institution abroad. International Doctoral Scholarship Programs - the aim of the program is to educate professionals to respond to the needs of labor market and country’s socio-economic development and to facilitate their integration in relevant areas/institutions. The program also strives to integrate the IEC alumni in higher education sphere to foster development of the latter. Foreign Professional Development Program - Georgian citizens who are employed at a state (financial) institution can acquire financial assistance through the grant program competition and enhance their qualifications abroad in a program corresponding to the tasks of the position held. Short-term Study Abroad, Visiting Scholar, Exchange Student. International Academic Programs of the Arts - The financing of study in Master’s and doctoral programs having an appropriate, prioritized, educational program course for Georgian citizens through a competition. The Arts Program was announced by the International Education Center through the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.



Scholarship Deadline

Spring 2018

Recurs Annually

Degree levels

Graduate - Master's
Graduate - Doctorate

Duration of Award

One year

Maximum amount of award

Average award of $30000

Restricted to these majors

Any majors except MBA and limited LLM

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