EducationUSA Interactive: U.S. Campus Culture (Full episode)

International Students
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Step 5: Prepare for Your Departure
Curious about studying in the U.S.? Already accepted and starting to pack? Either way, this EducationUSA Interactive is for you! Join U.S. higher education experts, currently enrolled international students, and a U.S. Department of State official for an introduction to U.S. academic culture and campus life. Find out what daily student life is like for international students studying in the U.S. today. Ask questions and learn how U.S. campuses welcome international students. Learn about: · Campus safety · Classroom Expectations: academic integrity and plagiarism; critical thinking; academic writing · Extracurricular activities and volunteering · Dorm life and social life Moderator: Fred Boll, EducationUSA, Department of State Guests: Alina Pak, Student from Russia; Shaun Ee, Student from Singapore; Michael Wilhelm, Associate Vice Chancellor, International Programs, University of North Carolina Wilmington; Emily Markham, Assistant Director of Global Engagement, LaRoche College