EducationUSA | Student Athlete Recruitment (March 2018)

Student Athlete Recruitment
International Students
Video Topics:
Step 1: Research Your Options
Are you a student athlete interested in studying in the U.S? Many international students play for college sports teams in the US while completing their studies. This EducationUSA Interactive -- originally broadcast as a Facebook Live -- will teach you about athlete recruitment and life as a student athlete. A U.S. Department of State official and a NCAA representatives will answer your questions and share their insight on how athletics and academics can go hand-in-hand. Learn About: ●Athletic scholarships ●The recruitment process ●Life as a student athlete Moderator: Alfred Boll, EducationUSA, U.S. Department of State. Speakers: Liam Haycock (United Kingdom), University of the District of Columbia; Sarah Turner and Mike DeCesare, National Collegiate Athletic Association.