Studying Education includes learning a variety of skills, from teaching and classroom management skills to basic administration skills necessary for the day-to-day management of schools and educational programs. Education is a highly interdisciplinary field and includes many options for specialization and concentration.

Students pursuing a graduate program in education may earn a Master of Arts in Education (MA), Master of Education (EdM), Doctor of Education (EdD), or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Degree titles vary by institution and academic program. Graduate students in education choose among a variety of specialized subjects in the field, such as Adult Education and Organizational Learning, Applied Linguistics, Comparative and International Education, and Curriculum and Teaching.  Courses are specific to concentrations, but most degrees include a professional training period in the chosen topic. 

Graduate Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
Students pursuing a degree in TESL may earn an MA, EdM, or EdD. This program gives students the skills to develop strategies based on theory, research, and practice to teach English as a Second Language internationally. Students also have the opportunity to conduct extensive research in the teaching and/or learning of English as a Second Language. A sample of courses in TESL includes teaching of language skills, ESL material development, second language teaching methodologies, etc. and typically involves a period of supervised language teaching. 

Choosing an Education Program
If you are considering continuing graduate study in education, you should follow academic trends and current developments in the field. In addition to researching regionally accredited colleges and universities that offer education programs, prospective students, particularly at graduate level, should identify academic programs with professional accreditation. The professional accrediting organizations are the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Teacher Education Accrediting Council